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Puketarata Pa (Historic Reserve)

Puketarata Pa (Historic Reserve) 

Puketarata Pa sometimes known as Puketi, can reached via the polytechnic or through the .Te Henui Cemetery .This pa is on the highpoint of a spur on the left bank of Te Henui Stream and is covered in thick regenerating bush. The pa is a ring ditch type with an additional traverse ditch protecting the south-west end. The earthworks are not easy to see and are very fragile, so please take care not to damage them. The two trees fenced off in the paddock are historic Titoki trees (Alectryon excelsus see photo below). which were important to the Maori. The seeds were bruised and then steamed to release the oil. The oil is used for ear ache, for eye problems and as a lotion for a wide range of skin ailments including sore breasts, infant rashes, eczema, sores, sprains and wounds, rheumatism, swellings due to bites and stings. It was also highly valued as a general skin softener-conditioner and is used as a carrier for scents obtained from other plants such as tarata (Pittosporum eugenoides). The scarlet flesh surrounding the seeds is very astringent and is used by consumptive invalids.

Puketarata_pa_from_the air

Looking from Te Henui Walkway at the Puketarata Pa site on bush covered hill top

Titoki trees (Alectryon excelsus) which were important to the Maori.(see text)

Looking along the first of two trenches on SW side of Pa 

Looking along the second trench on SW side of the Pa site

Looking down at the first trench from the ridge between the two western trenches

The NW end of the second west side trench.

Looking along the northern side trench

Storage pit at base of the trench walls

Back wall of the storage pit,   Holes in wall seem to be in a circular pattern.