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Parihamore Pa (Historic Reserve)

Parihamore Pa is on the westem side of the Te Henui Stream valley and with the Puketarata Pa next to it.They cover a total area of 14.9ha.

Parihamore is at the end of Bell Street behind the polytechnic. There is a small platform defended by a single ditch at the uphill (south) end, and a

double ditch and bank on the west and north sides Parihamore Pa is the home to a famous Maori legend. In the 18th century, chief of the pa,

Kahu-taia had a beautiful daughter named Uruki-naki. One of her many admirers was the chief Potaka who wanted to marry her. When Uruki-naki

rejected Potaka because he was too old, he became angry and marched his men to Parihamore Pa, camping in the hollow between Parihamore

and Puketarata (near Te Henui cemetery). Potaka and his men laid a siege forcing Uruki-naki to agree to marry him to save her village from

starvation. Uruki-naki was anointed with sweet-scented oil made from berries of the pa's titoki tree and was went down to Potaka to be his wife.

Parihamore Pa from the air

Looking from top of the  Parihamore Pa site  to the two adjacent Pa sites.

Looking at the west side of Pa site from Witts

Terraces on western side

Looking NE at the top of the Pa site

Looking west across northern trench