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The Holy Trinity Church (Historic Place)

Holy Trinity Church 12 Henui St, Fitzroy, New Plymouth is now registered under the Historic Places Act 1993  (Registration Number 893). 

In March 1845 Bishop Selwyn laid the foundation stone of Holy Trinity. The cost of this first chapel was 50 pounds and it was opened for worship by Rev. Bolland on May 5, 1845.
This building was replaced by a more permanent structure in 1872. Further additions were carried out in 1888, the architect being Mr. Sanderson. The church was again renovated in 1903 with plans being drawn by Frank Messenger.
In 1927 further renovations and enlargements were carried out at a cost of 1,145 pounds. In the mid-1960s, more work was carried out, this time the architect was Mr. R. Syme.Information from a booklet by Ada C. Alexander, "Holy Trinity New Plymouth". (TRCT283 ALE).

For detailed history visit  http://www.holytrinity.co.nz/documents/History.html
To download a pdf  June 2012 application to Historic Places Trust for registration

Historic Places Trust registration document Record No 893

The original Holy Trinity at Fitzroy 1845

The Holy Trinty 2012